Lee Tunney-Ware
Executive Coach & Mentor

Founder of "Transform Coaching & Consultancy Services"

Lee uses dynamic, bespoke methods of coaching & mentoring to enable individuals to achieve focus, clarity and exponential success.

Utilising his Transformational Coaching style to enrich Personal & Professional Development that is guaranteed to bring life-changing results.

For more than 30 years, Lee has used his expertise for taking high-achievers to great levels of success.

Lee is a lifelong student of the mind & human behaviour. Offering unique, remote solutions to suit individuals who are committed to their own success.

Lee works with powerful, passionate and successful individuals, yet whatever they have coming next still feels like a massive leap.He helps clients seamlessly move into the best version of themselves and helps them make the tiny changes that illicit huge results!

Lee's own passion for learning and upskilling continues to give him the insights and desire to help others become who they want to be.
He continues to invest a huge amount of time and energy in to his own relentless pursuit of professional and personal development.