Eamonn Walsh

Founder of “The School of Thought"

Eamonn Walsh is a future focused leader who facilitates the transition of an individual
towards the realisation of their core goals and dreams. His core values stem from a philosophy of balance and growth. Calling on those core values Eamonn has successfully utilised a unique coaching style, combined with his knowledge and wisdom to develop a new platform, The School of Thought.

The School of Thought empowers a generation of individuals from all over the world by liberating their thought processes from cognitive oppression. When our minds are truly free the world will find balance and we will grow.

The School of Thought identifies visionary individuals currently living in disadvantaged circumstances around the world and through the Power of the Individual Program, developed by Eamonn over 5 years ago, enables their personal journey of fulfilling their dreams. These individuals become Thought Champions, generating a network similar to the first trees planted in a mighty forest, their roots will extend far and wide across their communities and inspire others to rise.

Eamonn’s own hunger for knowledge and wisdom drives him to seek greater understanding and ultimately be of higher value and greater service to those around him.