Ciaran Haughey
Operations Consultant

Ciaran is an entrepreneur with a 25 year track record of successfully leading International Operations for multinationals across multiple industries.

Ciaran loves challenges and runs towards the fires that others run away from.

He is a natural problem solver and leader, with a passion for listening and learning, along with a genuine interest in people.


He is fanatical about collaboration and connecting great people.


Ciaran has an in-depth understanding of how businesses work, and importantly, what makes them not work.

This knowledge and expertise has been learned the hard way, by leading and transforming multiple disciplines including Customer Service, Supply Chain & Logistics, IT, Human Resources, Project Management, Legal, Risk, Compliance, Regulatory Affairs and Sales. 


Ciaran has scaled businesses across Europe, North and Central America and APAC.


Ciaran is the Founder of Table4one, which connects business travellers all over the world, and Rocketribe, the professional social media of the future.