We want the entrepreneurs who show:

  • Profound Passion 
  • Gregarious Grit
  • Honest Hustle
  • Innovative Insight

Anu are directing our resources to the projects identified by us as those of greatest importance for humankind.

Anu invests in founders with heart and passion and in those who are rebuilding and shaping our ever evolving world. We invest in a company because we have confidence in the energy and passion of the management team. 

The companies Anu invests in have a clear, persuasive problem-solution structure. 

We are sector agnostic and our investment criteria includes:

  • Scaleups and SME's .
  • Min 100k 
  • Max 5M
  • Board seat option.

We are focused on building and investing in small to medium-sized  companies globally that and are well positioned for exponential growth or innovative transformation.

Has your company got anticipated advantages?

When Anu considers Investment in a company we need to see if the investment can be justified by future expectations of the company's evolving competitive advantages. A company might be expected to gain an advantage over competitors through the development of an existing/new product, absolute control of their crucial intellectual property and proof that they are cornering the market in their critical industry sector.