Anu are here to serve.

We are here to inspire those who are reinventing the future.

We are here to live our truth.

Raison d'être
Anu invests in people,first and foremost.

We are human value and socially responsible investors and we have a unique, strong investment conviction.

We find & invest in change makers.
We back the innovators.
We back the creators.
We invest our time & capital in people,not politics.

The 'Change Makers' we seek are those who trust their opportunities enough to know that they can challenge the unacceptable economic status quo and those who are determined to make an indelible impact with the greatest of change with actionable intelligence.

Anu's ultimate goal is to create the highest quality portfolio with some of the world’s most innovative and promising eentrepreneurs and create a collaborative community where there are opportunities for all involved to cross pollinate and grow their business.

We offer our clients an opportunity to harness the experience & insights of our selective partners,senior executives,technologists & skilled professionals from a diverse range of industries.

We engage with smart people solving difficult problems.

Ethical investing is important to Anu. We also believe conducting business with strong ethics and values are critical in our challenging and changing world.

Chaos & crisis do not create strong character.....they reveal it.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.


There are four fundamental things that makes Anu say yes. We are a new breed of venture capital investment firm, leveraging world-class analytics to offer entrepreneurs and other venture capitalists a much better option when they are seeking additional capital to expedite the growth of the business opportunity.

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We are seeking successful entrepreneurs and high-growth companies to partner with and invest into. Innovation-led businesses are given greater priority.

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Anu has multi-industry experience in consulting and it is where venture capital meets business development.

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Vivienne O'Keeffe


Vivienne is a born visionary. She promotes diversity and inclusiveness, and challenges existing business strategies vigorously,as she believes the human element is absent in most, especially the financial sector.

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John Hartnett


John is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operational functions of Anu Ventures Ltd.

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Mary Dunne


Mary is an accountant by trade and member of the Institute of Directors with over 30 years of experience in financial services.

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Lee Tunney-Ware

Executive Coach & Mentor

Founder of "Transform Coaching & Consultancy Services"

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Ann Mee

Structure and Governance

Executive experience with over 30 years of delivering major transformation initiatives to enable key corporate strategies, regulatory requirements and other Board sponsored strategies to increase overall shareholder value.

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Ciaran Haughey

Operations Consultant

Ciaran is an entrepreneur with a 25 year track record of successfully leading International Operations for multinationals across multiple industries.

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Eamonn Walsh

Founder of “The School of Thought"

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“Some people die at 25 but are not buried until they are 75” -Benjamin Franklin.

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Vivienne O'Keeffe     Female World CEO 2020

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So what is success then? Can anyone do it, or is it just some pipe dream that lives in the hearts and minds of the foolish populous?

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